This web site includes a selection of work done over many years and is an overview of various styles and methods I have tried. My current work is located in the Paintings category under Recent Work.


Recent Work 2007 – Present

This is the latest iteration of three-dimensional painting. It is not sculpture. The shapes in the paintings are not abstract but anthropomorphic extensions that reach into the personal space of the viewer. (Note: In the paintings with the chevron shapes each piece was painted separately and the pieces were glued together like mosaics.)

Previous Work 2002 - 2006

I spent a lot of time with this but the images I imagined almost always eluded me. Sometimes in the afternoons the diminishing daylight would cause the painted shadows to blend seamlessly into the actual shadows caused by the three-dimensional structure. The vertical shafts of light would just float and then the painting would feel right - there would be a transcendent moment. But the pieces kept evolving as I searched for the best combination. Only a few paintings exist from this group.

Early Work 1970 – 1987

Early – The paintings in this group were all done while in art school. This is when I developed the “tube” painting technique, which creates a simple illusion.

The door sculptures also shown here were about irony and displacement of space. Only the models still exist.

Grid – These paintings were done with very wide brushes and masking tape.

Watercolors – These anticipated the later paintings identified below under Water+Color+Canvas. A large area was made wet and pigment then added and manipulated.

Target – Targets were painted on canvas as organizing devices for the throwing of paint.

Dimensional – Here is where I began looking at three-dimensional painting. By that I mean making illusionistic marks on surfaces that were then assembled into multiple layers with spaces in between. This type of build-up creates shadows that blend into painted shadows. The shadows and images change with the direction and brightness of the light for a deeper and more dynamic space.

Water+Color+Canvas – These paintings were done on wet canvas, which allowed the paint to flow and bleed. This technique was also used for the monochromatic Dimensional paintings to create soft, unfocused edges in the painted areas.

Drawings on Plastic - These three-dimensional drawings were another manifestation of the monochromatic paintings found under the Dimensional heading.


These works were entirely different in method and style from anything I had done before or since. The subject matter was material typically not used for rubbings, that is to say, people.

There is within this category a group of three rubbings done on white cloth. They are images of the conceptual artist Jay Jaroslav who, for the purpose of these rubbings, briefly assumed the bureaucratic identities of three individuals from his work Extended Credentials. Each rubbing is named for the identity assumed by Jay at the time it was created. Extended Credentials is a landmark piece of conceptual art and it was a privilege to have Jay, and his assumed identities, as subjects for these works.


I rarely see any new conceptual work that doesn’t have its origins in the 1960’s or earlier. This was something I had to try to see how it would satisfy my need for art making. Although I was pleased with the results, I ultimately decided that painting was more true to my nature.


These are design variations for an electric guitar that is currently being produced. As a guitar player it is just something that I needed to do.